Saving Gas???

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I live in GA, along Hwy 441 and have to drive 22 miles one way to work.  Speed limit is 55mph, while I break the law and go 57 or 60mph, I have people running up and down the road at 70mph+, in big SUV’s and pickups.   They cut people off dont use turn signals, and when you use them its a cue for them to drive crazy.  I guess its alright to complain about the prices and the cost at the pump but not to do anything about it.  My Chevy 350 gets 17mpg, while its not great, I would have to buy a new vehicle that gets better than 35 mpg to show a savings between the high car note and the increased insurance.


Peeing in the toilet

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People complian about dirty toilets in public places, while I cant speak for the womens’ bathrooms, why do guys who have something to aim with, miss?  How disrespectful and apathetic can we get?  I’m sure they don’t do this in their own homes.

Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton

            I have actually run into people who think he was / is the best president whatever.  Other than being pushed by his wife as a vehicle so she can become president he is a sorry excuse.  Just to lend kudos’ Jimmy Carter backs him, (he being one of the worst presidents in history) and he called Bush Jr the worst.  Lets just think about this.

            Remember his 1st campaign?  Reduce the size of the White House, government is too big.  Laid off 1500 FBI agents who were watching Timothy McVey and Osama Bin Laden.  9 months later the Okalahoma bombing occurs.  Hmm, he gets elected and wins support kept his campaign promise and kills people by his actions. The next time he runs he says we got to beef up security, people bought it now he wins again for killing people. Now Osama Bin Laden, does any one know how hard it is to get operatives undercover into an extremist camp?  I would say ‘NO’ but then 911 occurs and again Clinton’s actions caused deaths, but he got lucky it got blamed on Bush.

            Here is a good point, does anyone actually believe that a president can single handedly turn a $3 trillion economy around?  Maybe it was the fact that Alan Greenspan was there during Reagan’s 1st and 2nd term, Bush Sr. stated he would not change Reagans economic policy 3 term, and Clinton saw a good thing and did not either 4th and 5th terms.  So we have 5 terms times 4 years per term for 20 years of essentially the same economic policy.  Yet Clinton on his way out claims credit.

            I will give Clinton his due.  He did 2 things which I believe helped the economy; 1) he didn’t change the existing policy, 2) got a 10 year ban on taxing the internet.

            The Monica Lewinsky thing, I believe every president has done something and things only come out to take the light off of something that is worse.

            Anyways just writing this to see what it stirs up.

Mormon Racism

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Mormon Racism

            Here is another sad story from when I lived in Phoenix AZ.  I came home from work in 1999 and my wife at the, was extremely upset.  An older white man (Mormon) decided he didn’t like my 9yr old Mexican/American son playing in the pool.  My son who has always been respectful of course didn’t really understand this at the time.  He told my son to stop splashing around and getting him wet (while he was actually sitting in the pool, in the hot AZ sun) so my son moved to the other side of the pool to show respect.  Yet this idiot decided to say more.  Well my son went to his mother, she come out and tried talking to him, (and that’s how we found out he was Mormon).  I happened to come home early from work and got bombarded with this, which immediately made me mad.  I went out to the pool and politely asked him what went on.  He related a big story of how my son was cannon balling him and just being a brat.  At this I told him I had already spoken to my son and wife and called him a liar.   My son obviously has better manners than you, what you couldn’t address his mother or me because you can only deal with 9yr olds?  He was getting pretty mad at me and started swearing at me in front of my children and other peoples’ children.  I told him to shut up and appreciate the fact that I served this country 11 yrs so idiots like him can make life difficult for others, and that if he ever talks to my family again or says anything back to me right then and there I would pull him out of the pool and throw him out of the area.  I just stared at him and said go-ahead say something.

            The only reason I brought up the Mormon side is that there are some strains of that religion feel that only white people see the light of God.  So they are racist towards everyone else.  And we had already experienced other similar issues like this.

The Military Civilian

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The Military Citizen

            I just wanted to relate this story, as it is one of great disrespect, and one of the reasons I got out of the Navy after 11 years.

            In the mid 90’s I had the rank of E5, (about the middle for enlisted).  I was standing my watch – guard duty, for allowing people to come in and out of the building.  Well in the morning about 1 minute before morning colors (where we stand and salute our flag), I witnessed something in disgust, so I took action.  You see while in uniform we are not supposed to run unless bullets are flying, in the scenario I just set up I saw about 9 senior enlisted and 2 or 3 junior officers run to the door so they Wouldn’t have to salute the Flag.  So I locked the big glass door and denied them access, now remember they are at least double my rank, I knew I was going to be in trouble but it was the right thing to do.  Immediately they started banging on the door and telling me to let them in.  The watch has positional authority, I told them to turn around and salute the Flag, which they did looking back under their salute at me with eyes of anger.  After colors I unlocked the door and started to get the routine, “Who is your division officer?  Where do you work?”  Fortunately for me the Master of Arms came up, (He is in charge of the area I currently had responsibility of) and asked Petty Officer what is going on here?  I replied, “Sir, these gentlemen decided to run across the parking lot so they wouldn’t have to salute the flag that my father has 2 purple hearts for, that my grandfather and great uncle fought in WW2 for, that my uncle fought for, and what I fight for is worth the respect that my family and so many other families have held as a symbol of our country.  If my job in the Navy is to better myself and want to advance in rank, I would hope that these gentlemen here are not the examples I am supposed to follow.”  With that the Master of Arms, said, “Well spoken, all of you come with me.”  I saw their faces turn from anger red to embarrassment red.  Needless to say I paid the price with a lot of harassment from them over the next 3 years.

Citizen on Trash

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Citizen on Trash

            While living in Miami about 2002, I stopped in a little strip mall to go to Radio Shack and a video store.  I parked my car, and saw a young man (early 20’s) open his door and place a YooHoo bottle on the ground.  He got up out of the car and walked to the video store.  I said to myself, “no way!!” I picked up the bottle and followed him into the store, dramatically holding it in front of me.  With the clerk noticing me, I walked straight up to the individual and told him, “This is yours.”  Of course he started to deny it.  I told him that I am parked right behind you and saw you do this, I told him to look out the store door, and you walked within 2 ft of a trashcan.  Either you can take this or I will throw it through your car window.  (Of course this is just a little rash – sarcasm implied). 

I asked him do you know why the cost of CD’s have gone up?  It’s because the storeowner now has to pay his employee to go clean up trash from people like you.  The owners’ employee is not adding value to his store while doing this.  Additionally the owner incurs the cost of the trashcan he conveniently placed right outside the door.  On top of that the trash blows around, now guess what, our taxes go up.  Why do the taxes go up; because we now have to pay another city worker to pick up trash?  Of course this whole episode is dramatic but the point was made.  The man started to say something, I cut him off and just said, “You know you are wrong, just do the right thing.”  He shut up, took the trash, put it in the garbage, and left.  The clerk told me thank you.

Oil Conspiracy

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          Okay, you got to look at this in a X-Files type scenario.  I am patriotic but this stretches the imagination.


          First a little back ground;

1)                Depending on which reports used there is only between 10 to 25 yrs oil supply in the Arabian fields.

2)                United States uses (again depending on which reports) 80 to 90% of the worlds oil.

3)                South and Central America have the next largest oil supply, (not counting what we have locked up in shale, or the Alaskan and Florida supplies) however it has a slightly higher sulphur content.

4)                At the same time we have a drug problem supplied by South and Central America.

5)                Large groups of people and interests would like to see Mexico become part of the United States, (on both sides)


Okay, time to start stretching…If we (Americans) want to secure our future for dependence on oil, we would continue using the Arabian supply until its gone.  At the same time we continue to ‘support’ different regimes in South and Central America keeping their governments unstable.  In addition to this we don’t use our money to truly stop the drug trade, thus giving the drug lords more power to keep the aforementioned unstable governments, unstable.  You see, with an unstable government it is extremely difficult to develop countries’ industries, trades and economies.  (Hell look at ours right now…).  Now, once that oil is used up, we turn our attention to Central America (Mexico – which is rich in oil, not as much as Columbia or Venezuela but still a lot).  Annex Mexico and as part of the ‘bartering system’ we help them develop in exchange for oil. At the same time using resources to stop the drug trade there, while selectively not using resources to stop it further south.  From there I don’t think we would ‘annex’ anymore, but would still keep 3rd world governments reeling.  We would then work out some sort of trade agreements into Columbia and Venezuela doing the same thing.  Once that is all gone, then we turn to the billions of barrels of oil locked up in the shale fields of ND, and oil fields of Alaska and Florida.


You see, I told you it was a stretch, and I could go more into it, but I think you get the point.  The scariest part is, if you sit and think about it, it seems plausible, especially given U.S. involvement in South and Central America.


Anyways, Enjoy…